Dépannage Informatique
Dépannage Informatique

Computer troubleshooting

PC | MAC | Périphériques | Réparation d’ordinateur | Dépannage Informatique

Nous effectuons le dépannage et la réparation de votre ordinateur de bureau, de vos imprimantes et périphériques sous 24 h à votre domicile, dans notre atelier ou à distance en fonction des pannes.

Because thecarefree computing is our motto, EXHER and its team of qualified technicians offer you 3 repair options:

  • Troubleshooting at home or at work

Depending on your failure (material or software), we work directly at your home or at your office, by making an appointment throughout the region South of Ile De France.

  • Troubleshooting in our premises

We receive all your defective devices in our workshop located at 1 Rue Terre Neuve 91940 Les Ulis in order to carry out a diagnosis, then repairs and changes of parts

  • Remote troubleshooting with our intervention software

Thanks to our service of the remote assistance, and because technical setbacks are common and can quickly paralyze an entire network, we will perform your repairs on remote directement depuis nos locaux. Si la réparation de votre ordinateur nécessite un déplacement, nous intervenons.

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Réparation ordinateurs,
Mobiles & Peripherals

Fixed PC | Laptop PC | Mac | Imac | Printers 

Your PC does not turn on anymore.

The system does not start.

he hard drive has failed.

Your PC is making an abnormal noise.

Your screen is broken or is not showing anything.

The graphics card of your PC is faulty.

Your PC is very slow or it is infected with a virus.

The cable or the end of the power cable is damaged.

Error messages appear when starting Windows.

All other failures.

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Mobile troubleshooting & Reconditioning

Smartphones | IPhones
 Ipads | Ipods | Tablets

tablette cassée samsung
iPad Pro

Vitre tactile cassée, écran lcd, batterie HS, composants endommagés, oxydation, problème software,  etc.  Dans notre atelier, à votre domicile ou sur votre lieu de travail, ou encore par envoi postal, nous réalisons votre réparation as soon as possible.

EXHER also brings you its expertise by offering you solutions foroptimization of your devices.

Xbox one S cassé
ps4 cassé

Troubleshooting and Reparation of
the Game consoles

Sony Ps4 | Ps3 | Xbox | Wii | Nintendo Switch 

Whatever your problem, we will troubleshoot your game console in general under 72 hours in the workshop or by colissimo shipment. Your game console does not start anymore? A component or interface problem?

Abnormal noises
Reader blocked
Damaged components
Feeding problems
Screen that freezes
CD / DVD drive no longer works
Problem with the hard drive
Cleaning / Dusting

Réparation consoles


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