Network training

Companies | individuals

A computer network is a set of equipment virtually linked together for the purpose of sharing information. Whether personal or professional, the information that circulates on your network must be protected and secure so that only those affected can access it.

Tailor-made network training:
  • Learn basic network vocabulary (IP address, router, modem, server).
  • Learn how to secure and configure your network.
  • Learn how to share files or devices over the network securely.
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Office training

Are you a beginner and want to develop your skills?

Learn the basics and be able to use the essential functions of the office software you have selected for your training. A training of great utility whatever the sector of activity.

If we consider that 90% of companies use the office suite (Word, Outlook, Excell, Powerpoint, etc.), it is essential to master the basics in order to develop more quickly and efficiently. These are tools accessible to all after training on their various functions.

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Content of office automation training

Pack Office

Microsoft : Word | Excel | Outlook | Powerpoint Access | Publisher | Sharepoint | Visio

Pack Office

Suite bureautique de Microsoft

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Different CMS known on the market: WordPress Prestashop | Drupal | Joomla | Woocommerce etc ...


Outils de création web

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Software Package

Accounting software (general and analytical, treasury, VAT declaration) SAP | Ciel counted


outils de comptabilité

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Computer initiation

Learn how to use your pc.

IT is everywhere. Whether you are a baker, mason, hairdresser, gardener, or any other profession that does not directly affect IT, sooner or later you will be confronted with a PC, mobile or any other digital device.

Whether it is to pay your bills, book train or plane tickets, answer an email, etc., in today's society, you will be increasingly confronted with areas related to IT and it is essential to have a minimum of knowledge to effectively master these tools.

We offer computer training of all types to help you familiarize yourself with your devices, whether it is a PC, a mobile, a tablet, a camera. We also support you during the installation of your equipment. As in the automobile, it is not only mechanics who know how to drive a car, computers are accessible to everyone, whatever the age and whatever the profession.

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Do you want to train at your own pace in the world of IT?

It's never too late to learn, EXHER and its team of IT specialists provide you with their expertise and support you with introductory IT training, in order to approach and master the basics allowing you to use and navigate on your PC.


Learn the basics and be able to use the essential functions of your PC and major basic software.

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Our training takes place directly at your home or in groups during training sessions (See our training calendar).

Supervised computer training

Internet Training

Install the connection of an Internet service provider | Create your Internet mailbox, learn how to use it | Browse and search the internet to find all your queries in an instant.


Learn to surf on the web

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Digital Training

Install and configure your digital camera, learn how to use it | Transfer your photos and videos to your PC, USB key or hard drive | Retouch your photos with the appropriate professional software.


Be an image pro

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General Training

Use a keyboard, mouse, printer, webcam etc | Write and print a Word or Excel document | Create Powerpoints | Install and / or uninstall software and learn how to configure and use it ...


An offer adapted to your needs

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Digital initiation

Using a camera

Learn the basics and be able to use the essential functions of your PC and major basic software.

Training content :

  • Understand the basics to get started with your digital device.
  • Better understand the issues related to digital content.
  • Understand and master the various main functions of your digital camera (speed priority, diaphragm priority, ISO sensitivity, etc.)
  • Use your camera for specific shots (portrait, landscape, low / high light, etc.)
  • Understand the different digital formats (pixels, resolution, color management, RAW, JPG, etc.)
  • Learn to use the basic functions of image processing software (Photoshop, Google Picasa, GIMP ...)
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