Maintenance contract

Maintenance and IT support

Your time is so precious, that's why a "healthy" computer park is essential in order to avoid wasting it!

Are you looking for a service provider who can provide daily maintenance at a competitive price? EXHER is here for you.

Our team of technicians experienced is at your disposal to avoid any IT problem that could affect the productivity of your business.

Because the worry-free computing is our motto, EXHER helps you out, assists and advises you so that you can be able to use your IT equipment with complete peace of mind.

"A maintenance contract with EXHER is the guarantee of the proper functioning, support and troubleshooting of your IT equipment." Hernord EXCELLENT.

Our IT maintenance contract includes:

  • Monthly on-site visits by one of our technicians (hardware cleaning, software and peripheral updates, virus and malware scans, cable and connection checks, optimizations, etc.)
  • On-site or remote troubleshooting as soon as possible in the event of an exceptional breakdown.
  • Hotline service available 6 days a week during opening hours.
  • Backing up your data in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Serenity long term contract long duration.
  • Tips for optimizing hardware and security settings.
  • Configure your operating system according to your needs.
  • Competitive rate.
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Network Maintenance

Network installation and cabling

Are you looking for a company to create or manage your network installation? Connect your desktops to different peripherals and network them?

"Whether you are a company, an association or an individual, EXHER is committed to optimally managing your network administration." Hernord EXCELLENT

EXHER and its team of qualified technicians take care of the installation and cabling of your network (router, server, cloud, etc.)

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Cela comprend la gestion des outils suivants :

  • Switchs which ensure the interconnection of the network and the broadcasting of an input signal to all outputs.
  • Routeurs which determine the route of your data.
  • Modems, leur paramétrage et leur administration
  • Firewalls that ensure the protection of your network and the security of your data.
  • Droits d’accès de votre réseau (multi users).
  • Serveurs proxy.
  • Réseaux privés virtuels (VPN).
  • Connectivité internet
  • Couverture Wifi
  • Tests de connexion et de débit
  • Partage de vos différents périphériques (printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.)
  • Optimisation des outils de supervision de votre réseau.

IT move

IT equipment move

Have you just created your company or do you want to move your IT equipment?

EXHER supports the move of your fleet and advises you on its development, with our partner B2DEM

”EXHER is at your service. Our team of qualified technicians brings you a solution adapted to your expectations. ”

Déménagement Informatique

How it works ?

Phase 1

Analysis of your needs and expectations in order to assess the human and material costs and establish specifications.

Phase 2

At the departure site, each PC and its peripherals are disconnected and listed in order to ensure the traceability of your fleet at all times.

Phase 3

On the arrival site, EXHER checks that all the devices in your fleet have been received and ensures that your PCs and their peripherals are reconnecting and functioning correctly.

Video surveillance

video surveillance accessible everywhere via your smartphone

For your safety, EXHER exclusively offers you its new video surveillance offer for individuals. This offer is intended for people who want to secure their home and that of their loved ones.

"Delinquency has fallen on average more sharply in the municipalities equipped with video protection than in those which do not have urban video protection"

according to the 2009 report of the Ministry of the Interior - source: (

Video surveillance is an effective way to fight against these crimes et EXHER offers you to secure your home, your business and this thanks to two packages:

Installation package

Maintenance package

  • Security cameras installation
  • Connections
  • Switching on the cameras
  • Material maintenance
  • Updates
  • Repair service
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