Because we master the best communication and marketing tools, EXHER offers you secure, innovative and unique web and digital solutions in order to best develop your business. We support you in all stages of the creation of your website in order to make your activity known to potential customers.

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Website creation with wordpress CMS

  • Why use the WordPress CMS?

WordPress is used by 30% of all websites, representing a market share of 60.2% of CMS (Source:

We advocate WordPress for our clients for several reasons:

  • It ensures the protection of the website thanks to security solutions simple or pointed as needed.
  • It offers the customer the possibility to connect to his site in order to modify the content himself at any time.
  • It also allows to deliver an Internet site keys in hand, understood and usable by all.

It is therefore necessary to provide a learning phase for the client / user that will allow him to manage his own website. (if necessary)

With built-in optimization and themes adapted to current technologies, your new website will be able to have an impact on all. (individuals, companies, agencies).

Creation of e-commerce site with Prestashop CMS

Why use the Prestashop CMS?

  • Free and open source software:

    You have access to the source code and you can optimize your store according to the needs of your customers. In addition, you are the exclusive owner of your e-commerce, these are your products, your sales and your data.

  • Easy to use :

    With its new version, Prestashop offers a fairly quick start and very easy to use. In addition, the design makes this back office very pleasant.

  • Optimized natural referencing:

    Prestashop is well optimized for SEO (natural referencing), which results in better search engine ranking.

  • Optimisé pour mobiles et tablettes :

    Depending on the smartphone used, Prestashop includes a mobile version in its default theme. This is called responsive web design.

  • A large community:

    Extremely active around this solution, the Prestashop community speaks mainly French, which allows you to have more references and support in case of need.

  • Inexpensive and efficient solution:

    Depending on the size of your e-commerce, the time required to set it up may be longer or shorter. Prestashop remains one of the cheapest and most optimal solutions on the market.

a variety of sites

HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP / SASS Bootstrap 4 / JQUERY

Highlight your activity! Whatever your sector, we create all types of websites:
Showcase site | E-commerce site | Web apps | Intranet | Extranet | Institutional site | Platform for exchange, sharing and services.

Site vitrine

Il s'agit d'une famille de sites web dont le but principal est de présenter l'offre et les services de votre entreprise, association ou collectivité.
Site e-commerce

Un site e-commerce (site de vente en ligne) est une plateforme qui permet à un marchand de vendre ses produits ou services sur internet.
Site e-commerce

Un site e-commerce (site de vente en ligne) est une plateforme qui permet à un marchand de vendre ses produits ou services sur internet.
Site institutionnel

il a pour principal but de promouvoir l'image d'une entreprise, d'une marque ou d'une organisation auprès du grand public, des médias, des clients potentiels, des fournisseurs, des actionnaires ou de tout autre partenaire potentiel.
Web apps

Une application web désigne un logiciel applicatif hébergé sur un serveur et accessible via un navigateur web

Referencing of your website

Our teams in indexing experts offer you strategic solutions in terms of referencing.

We will propel you to the first pages of search engines to exponentially increase traffic to your website.

It is estimated that 90% of users go no further than the 3rd page of results.

Therefore, to receive important traffic via search engineswe propose you a referencing located in the Top 30 results of the different search engines such as Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Because worry-free computing is our motto, EXHER offers you safe and concrete means in order to dominate this jungle that is the web.

Modes of action for SEO

Strategy and keywords 100%
Optimization of the SEO process 100%
The optimization of your content 100%
Optimization of site speed 100%
Registration on directories 100%
Registration on search engines 100%
Positioning in search engine results 100%
SEO 100%
Sponsored SEO development 100%
SEO social media development 100%

Our team supports you

By offering you turnkey digital solutions, always adapted to your budget and respectful of your requirements and your needs, we support you on all your creation projects, or even digital redesign, in order to guarantee your economic growth and your visibility. worldwide.

Above all, we are passionate about our work. You can therefore count on our expertise and involvement to always guide you towards optimal development solutions.

We are also very educational. This is why during the progress of your project, we take the time to explain things to you as simply and completely as possible, and to inform you at every stage, from creation, through progress, to '' on final delivery and commissioning of your site.

Digital solution

Depending on your activity, your needs and your budget, we adapt and apply secure digital strategies in order to boost your brand, company or association.


In order to increase your influence and visibility, we set up communication solutions with presence on social networks and the use of digital media.

Website redesign

With the constant evolution of technology, we take charge of your website in order to update the Webdesign and add essential functionalities.

Branding et image de marque

Specialized in design and graphic creation, we create your visual identity according to your requirements in order to always increase your activity and that you are visible everywhere.

Our achievements

Online sites
Digital solutions implemented
Cumulative experience

Do you have a web design project?
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Would you like to entrust us with your website creation project? Do you want to develop your business using our digital communication means? You are not satisfied with your current site, it is too old and you want to modernize it? Trust us ! Our teams are at your disposal and we respond to your request as quickly as possible. 

Are you starting from scratch and don't know where to start? Do not panic ! We are here to guide you and we are responsible for ideas and tools to help you set up your tailor-made project. If you do not yet have content for your pages, we also create the editorial charter best suited to your brand.

We support you throughout your project, from creating your specifications to putting your site online. 

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